Notification Title
Regulatory Notification on Import of Health Supplements for Personal Use
Regulatory Notification on Requirement of Import Authorization for medical syringes
Regulatory Notification on Regulation of Medical Masks
Regulatory Notification on Emergency Use Authorization procedure and conditions for Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccines
Notification DRA/D1/11-NS/20-21/168 Exemption from the requirement o Registration of Chemicals
Notification 19/DRA/D4b/12-NTF/19-20/1386 on Hand Sanitizers
Notification DRA/DC/Notifications/2019-20/1298 for importing hand sanitizer
Notification DRA/D4b/12-NTF/19-20/1207 for personal protective equipment and products
Revocation of suspension notification of Ranitidine
Regulatory Notification on H.pylori kits
Ranitidine - Potential Contamination with N-Nitrosodimethylamine
Regulatory Notification on Health Supplement: 19/DRA/DC/Notification/2018-19/117
Regulatory Notification on Health Supplement: 19/DRA/DC/Notification/2018-19/983
Regulatory Notification on Health Supplements: 19/DRA/DC/Notification/2018-19/984
Notification to remind the general public to refrain from purchasing medicines from unauthorized sources
Reminder notification on collection of pharmaceutical wastes.
Notification on collection of pharmaceutical wastes.
Notification on prescribing or dispensing medicines beyond the approved indication
Sale and Distribution of Health supplements and Controlled Drugs
Regulatory Notification on Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs)
New Procedure for Import Authorization
CME Workshop with Competent Persons of Retail Pharmacies, Wholesale & clinics
Notification on commencement and acceptance of TTI test kits dossiers for registration
Notification on requirement of Orien products for DRA approval
Notification on collection of Pharmaceutical waste
Public Notification on the use of Oxy-99
Public notification on skin creams and ointments containing steroids
Notification on reduction in number of product samples requested during submission of dossiers
Notification on the change of Application fee for Product dossier assessment
Need for Medical Certification
Notification on the change in validity of the authorizations issued by Drug Regulatory Auditory
Conditions and requirement for product registration through multinational companies and Expedited Registration Process
Notification regarding the sale of Prescription Only Medicines (POM)
Notification to the Market Authorization Holders
Notification on the changes made in BMRR 2012
Notification For Pharmacy Competency Course
Pharmaceutical Waste Notification 09/10/2014
Pharmaceutical Waste Notification 09/10/2014