The Administration and Finance Section provides secretarial support in order to advance the agency’s mission, vision, and values by providing excellent, timely, and cost-effective service. The AFS is responsible for the management of administrative, financial and human resource related issues.

There are three Units under the Section with specific responsibilities:

Administration Unit

  • Provide day to day administrative support services .
  • Effectively carry out the administration, property management/maintenance and procurement of office materials.
  • Develop strategic HR Development & Management Plan for the agency in consultation with other relevant officials and implement it.
  • Take care of matters concerning attendance, discipline, leave of absence, appointment, promotion, transfer and other personal movements.
  • Monitor the proper use of the Pool vehicles for protocol and officials purposes.
  • Provide procurement services to all the staff and prepare tender documents.

Finance Unit

  • Ensure that funds are utilized and managed according to the budget appropriations and that the allocation of expenditure is appropriate.
  • Submits and finalizes annual budget proposal discussions by coordinating meetings between the divisions in the agency.
  • Ensure that accounting procedures and internal control systems are exercised at all times.
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate auditing through production of all records and evidences.

ICT Unit

  • Providing technical support in coordinating and implementing projects and/or programmes and assist in coordinating proposals for acquisition, development and implementation of IT systems.
  • Assist in designing and maintaining physical network architecture and infrastructure and ensuring stable connection to internet.
  • Developing, implementing, reviewing and maintaining computer-based information systems
  • Coordinate the planning, maintenance and accessibility of the website content in a way that ensures consistency of the websites look and feel.