There has been a surge in public demand for hand sanitizers in light of COVID-19 pandemic resulting in shortages of supplies. To meet this demand gap, public institutions have initiated the production and distribution of hand sanitizers. The Authority acknowledges the efforts put in towards ensuring the availability of hand sanitizers in the country. However, it has come to the noticeĀ of the Authority that various brands of hand sanitizers are imported and individuals and business entities are reported to be preparing hand sanitizers for commercial purposes.
In order to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of hand sanitizers, importers are advised to avoid importing inferior quality products. Further, the Authority hereby notifies that no individuals or business entities should manufacture hand sanitisers for commercial purposes without prior approval from the Authority.
The formulation of hand sanitizers by institutions for free distribution should be based on WHO recommended formula and proper information should be provided to the users to avoid any adverse events. The hand sanitizers distributed by the institutions should not be used by individuals for commercial purposes.