Section 150 (b) of the Bhutan Medicines Rules and Regulations 2012 states “Dispense medical products only upon presentation of lawful prescriptions other than listed under schedule A1, A2, D1, D2, E1”.

In line with this, we remind you to consider all the steroids and products containing steroids as PoM and refrain from dispensing such medicines without a valid prescription.

More importantly, you are not allowed by law to practice generic substitution of prescription medicines, for example dispensing Triamcinolone ointment in place of Betametasone cream. This is because such practices will lead to serious medical implications.

Further, we would like to urge you to provide proper counseling to the patients on the use, indication, dosage and the side effects of the medicine that you dispense in order to ensure safety and efficacy of the medicines.

Failing to comply with the above regulatory provisions shall be considered as an offense and will be penalized accordingly.

Hoping for a better compliance from your end

Thank you

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