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Sl. NoEMLRegistered?
1Abacavir 20mg/mL syrup (240mL)No
2Abacavir 300mg tabletNo
3Acetylcysteine 200mg/mL injection (2mL)No
4Acyclovir 500mg lyophilised powder for injectionNo
5Alendronate 70mg tabletNo
6Alteplase 50mg powder for injectionNo
7Amino acid 10% injection (200mL)No
8Antirabies immunoglobulin, Equine (5mL)No
9Antitetanus immunoglobulin, Human 500IU injectionNo
10Aripiprazole 10mg tabletNo
11Artesunate 30mg injectionNo
12Aspirin 300mg (soluble) tabletNo
13Atropine 1% eye ointment (5g)No
14Barium sulphate 95% w/v oral suspension (150mL)No
15Bedaquiline 100mg tabletNo
16Benzoic acid powder (450g)No
17Benzylpenicillin 3g (5 million IU) powder for injectionNo
18Bi-carbonate dialysis solution with powder (10L)No
19Bisoprolol 5mg tabletNo
20Brimonidine 0.2% eye drop (5mL)No
21Budesonide nasal spray 50mcg/dose (200 metered doses)No
22Bupivacaine 0.5% + Dextrose 7.5% injection (4mL)No
23Caffeine citrate 20mg/mL injection (1mL)No
24Calamine powder (450g)No
25Calcitriol 0.25mcg tabletNo
26Calcium gluconate 100mg/mL injection (10mL)No
27Calcium polystyrene sulfonate powder (15g)No
28Carboxymethyl cellulose 1% eye drop (5mL)No
29Cefotaxime 1g powder for injectionNo
30Cetostearyl alcohol 500gNo
31Charcoal activated powder (450g)No
32Cinnarizine 15mg tabletNo
33Clofazimine 100mg capsuleNo
34Clofazimine 50mg capsuleNo
35Clomiphene 50mg tabletNo
36Coal tar solution (450mL)No
37Compound benzoin inhalation (450mL)No
38Conjugated oestrogen 0.625mg tabletNo
39Cyclopentolate 0.5% eye drop (5mL)No
40Cycloserine 250mg tabletNo
41Dabigatran 110mg tabletNo
42Deflazacort 1mg tabletNo
43Dextrose 5%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (500mL)No
44Dextrose 10% solution (100mL)No
45Dextrose 25% solution (100mL)No
46Dextrose 5%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (250mL)No
47Dextrose 50% solution (100mL)No
48Diltiazem 5mg/mL injection (10mL)No
49Disulfiram 250mg tabletNo
50Efavirenz 200mg tabletNo
51Ergotamine tartrate 1mg + Caffeine 100mg tabletNo
52Ethambutol 100mg tabletNo
53Ethambutol 275mg + Isoniazid 75mg + Pyrazinamide 400mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
54Ethambutol 275mg tab. + Isoniazid 75mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
55Ethambutol 400mg tabletNo
56Ethinyloestradiol 50µg tabletNo
57Ethionamide 250mg tabletNo
58Fenofibrate 160mg tabletNo
59Fentanyl citrate 50µg/hr patch for 72 hoursNo
60Fentanyl citrate 50µg/mL injection (2mL)No
61Fluconazole 100mg tabletNo
62Flumazenil 0.1mg/mL injection (5mL)No
63Fluorescein 4% strip (100/pkt)No
64Fluorouracil 50mg/mL injection (10mL)No
65Fluphenazine decanoate 25mg/mL injection (1mL)No
66Fluticasone 250μg + Salmeterol 50μg inhaler (200 metered doses)No
67Folinic acid 10mg/mL injection (5mL)No
68Glycerin 450mLNo
69Human albumin 20% injection (100mL)No
70Hyaluronidase 1500IU/mL injection (1mL)No
71Hydralazine 25mg tabletNo
72Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ophthamic solution 2% (Prefilled syringe)No
73Isoniazid 100mg tabletNo
74Isoniazid 50mg + Pyrazinamide 150mg + Rifampicin 75mg tabletNo
75Isoniazid 50mg + Rifampicin 75mg tabletNo
76Isoniazid 60mg + Rifampicin 60mg tabletNo
77Isoniazid 75mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
78Ketorolac 0.4% eye drop (5mL)No
79Lamivudine 150mg tabletNo
80Latanoprost 0.005% eye drop (5mL)No
81Leflunomide 10mg tabletNo
82Lignocaine 10% spray (80mL)No
83Lignocaine 2% + Adrenaline 1:80,000 injection (1.8mL) (Dental cartridge)No
84Lignocaine 2% injection without preservative (50mL)No
85Lignocaine 2.5% + Prilocaine 2.5% gel (5g)No
86Lignocaine 4% solution (30mL)No
87Lopinavir/ritonavir (80mg+20mg)/mL syrup (160mL)No
88Magnesium sulphate powder (400g)No
89Mannitol 20% solution (350mL)No
90Medroxyprogesterone acetate 10mg tabletNo
91Methyl hydroxybenzoate powder (500g)No
92Methyl salicylate solution (450mL)No
93Methylergometrine 125µg tabletNo
94Mirtazapine 15mg tabletNo
95Moxifloxacin 400mg tabletNo
96Natamycin 5% eye drop (5mL)No
97Niclosamide 500mg tabletNo
98Nimodipine 30mg tabletNo
99Nitrous oxide inhalationNo
100Oxybutynin 2.5mg tabletNo
101Para-aminosalicylate sodium 60% w/w delayed release granules (4g)No
102Pentoxifyllin 400mg tabletNo
103Phenobarbital 30mg tabletNo
104Potassium chloride 15% injection (10mL)No
105Potassium chloride 600mg tabletNo
106Potassium permanganate crystal (450g)No
107Pralidoxime 25mg/mL injection (20mL)No
108Pyrazinamide 500mg tabletNo
109Quetiapine 300mg tabletNo
110Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
111Rifampicin 300mg tabletNo
112Rifapentine 150mg tabletNo
113Salicylic acid powder (450g)No
114Semithicone 100mg/mL drop (30mL)No
115Sevelamer 800mg tabletNo
116Sevoflurane inhalation 250mLNo
117Sodium bicarbonate 500mg tabletNo
118Sodium bicarbonate 7.5 % injection (25mL)No
119Sodium chloride (hypertonic) eye drop (5mL)No
120Sodium chloride 0.9%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (100mL)No
121Sodium chloride 0.9%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (1L)No
122Sodium chloride 0.9%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (500mL)No
123Sodium chloride 3% (Hypertonic) solution (500mL)No
124Sodium cromoglycate 2% eye drop (5mL)No
125Sodium lauryl sulphate (500g)No
126Sodium tetradecyl sulphate 15mg/mL injection (2mL)No
127Sodium valproate 500mg/mL injection (5mL)No
128Streptomycin 1g powder for injectionNo
129Sulfasalazine 500mg tabletNo
130Tetatus diptheria vaccine (5mL)No
131Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 100mg/mL injection (1mL)No
132Tiotropium inhaler 9mcg (200 metered doses)No
133Tobramycin 0.3% eye drop (5mL)No
134Tranexamic acid 250mg tabletNo
135Tranexamic acid 50mg/mL injection (5mL)No
136Triamcinolone acetonide 0.1% w/w paste (5g)No
137Trihexyphenidyl 2mg tabletNo
138Vitamin B complex 25mg/mL injection (10mL)No
139Vitamin B12 (mecobalamin) 1mg/mL injection (1mL)No
140Vitamin D3 60000IU megadose powderNo
141Warfarin 3mg tabletNo
142Water based gel (100mL)No
143White soft paraffin (1kg)No
144Zidovudine 10mg/mL syrup (240mL)No
145Zinc oxide powder (450g)No