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Priority List for Registration for Human Drug

Sl. No.DrugRegistered
1Acetazolamide 250mg tabletNo
2Alteplase (50mg) powder for injectionNo
3Amino acid 10% injection (200mL)No
4Amiodarone 200mg tabletNo
5Amoxicillin 500mg+ clavulanic acid 100mg powder for injectionNo
6Amphotericin B 50mg (Liposomal) powder for injectionNo
7Anti-haemorrhoidal ointment with applicator (with steroid) (15mg)No
8Anti-rabies immunoglobulin, Human 500IU injectionNo
9Antisnake venom serum (Viper,cobra and krait) (10g) dried powder for injectionNo
10Anti-tetanus immunoglobulin, Human 500IU injectionNo
11Aspirin 325mg (soluble) tabletNo
12Atropine 1% eye ointment (5g)No
13Barium sulphate 95% w/v oral suspension (150mL)No
14Bedaquiline 100mg tablet For MDR-TB cases onlyNo
15Benzoic acid powder (450g)No
16Bi-carbonate dialysis solution with powder (10L)No
17Budesonide 50mcg/puff nasal spray (200 MDI)No
18Caffeine citrate 20mg/mL injection (1mL)No
19Calcium carbonate 500mg + Vitamin D3 250IU tabletNo
20Calcium polystyrene sulfonate powder (15g)No
21Carbachol 0.01% Intraocular solution (1mL)No
22Cetostearyl alcohol 500gmNo
23Chloramphenicol 1% eye applicap (250mg)No
24Chloroform spirit (450mL)No
25Chlorpromazine 25mg/mL injection (2mL)No
26Clofazimine 100mg capsuleNo
27Clofazimine 50mg capsuleNo
28Clomiphene 50mg tabletNo
29Clonazepam 0.5mg tabletNo
30Clonidine 150μg/mL injection (1mL)No
31Coal tar solution (450mL)No
32Compound benzoin inhalation (450mL)No
33Conjugated oestrogen 0.625mg tabletNo
34Cyclopentolate 0.5% eye drop (5mL)No
35Cycloserine 250mg tabletNo
36Deflazacort 1mg tabletNo
37Desmopressin 4μg/mL injection (1mL)No
38Dexamethasone 4mg/mL injection (2mL)No
39Dextrose 10% solution (100mL)no
40Dextrose 25% solution (100mL)no
41Dextrose 5%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (250mL)no
42Dextrose 50% solution (100mL)no
43Diltazem 5mg/mL injection (10mL)No
44Diptheria pertussis tetanus (DPT) vaccine suspension for injection (5mL)No
45Disulfiram 250mg tabletNo
46Dopamine 40mg/mL injection (5mL)No
47Ephedrine 3mg/mL injection (10mL)No
48Ergotamine tartrate 1mg + Caffeine 100mg tabletNo
49Ethambutol 100mg tabletNo
50Ethambutol 275mg + Isoniazid 75mg + Pyrazinamide 400mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
51Ethambutol 275mg tab. + Isoniazid 75mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
52Ethambutol 400mg tabletNo
53Ethinyloestradiol 50μg tabletNo
54Ethionamide 250mg tabletNo
55Fentanyl citrate 50μg/hr patch (72 hr)No
56Ferrous sulphate 60mg + Folic acid 0.40mg tabletNo
57Flumazenil 0.1mg/mL injection (5mL)No
58Fluorescein 4% strip (100/pkt)No
59Fluorouracil 50mg/mL injection (10mL)No
60Fluphenazine decanoate 25mg/mL injection (1mL)No
61Fluticasone 250μg + Salmeterol 50μg (200 actuations) inhalerNo
62Folinic acid 10mg/mL injection (5mL)No
63Glycerin (450mL)No
64Glyceryl trinitrate 5mg/24hr transdermal patchNo
65Glycopyrolate 0.2mg/mL injection (2mL)No
66Haloperidol 5mg/mL injection (1mL)No
67Hepatitis B vaccine injection (10mL)No
68Hyaluronidase 1500IU/mL injection (1mL)No
69Hydralazine 20mg/mL injection (1mL)No
70Hydralazine 25mg tabletNo
71Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tabletNo
72Hydroxyethyl starch 3% solution (500mL)No
73Ibandronate 150mg tabletNo
74Ibuprofen 400mg tabletNo
75Insulin isophane 40 IU/mL injection (10mL)No
76Insulin mixtard (neutral + isophane 30:70) injection (10mL)No
77Insulin soluble 40 IU/mL injection (10mL)No
78Iodixanol 320mg injection (100mL)No
79Iohexol 300mg injection (10mL)No
80Ipratropium respiratory 0.25mg/mL solution (15mL)No
81Iron (elemental Fe 6mg + folic acid 100μg)/mL syrup (150mL)No
82Iron dextran (50mg elemental iron/mL) injection (2mL)No
83Isoniazid 100mg tabletNo
84Isoniazid 50mg + Pyrazinamide 150mg + Rifampicin 75mg tabletNo
85Isoniazid 50mg + Rifampicin 75mg tabletNo
86Isoniazid 60mg + Rifampicin 60mg tabletNo
87Isoniazid 75mg + Rifampicin 150mg tabletNo
88Isosorbide dinitrate 5mg sublingual tabletNo
89Labetalol 5mg/mL injection (20mL)No
90Lamotrigine 50mg tabletNo
91Levofloxacin 250mg tabletNo
92Lignocaine 10% spray (80mL)No
93Lignocaine 2% + Adrenaline 1 in 100,000 injection (30mL)No
94Lignocaine 2% + Adrenaline 1:80,000 injection (1.8mL) (Dental cartridge)No
95Lignocaine 2% injection without preservative (50mL)No
96Lignocaine 2.5% + Prilocaine 2.5% gel (5g)No
97Lignocaine 4% solution (30mL)No
98Linezolid 600mg tabletNo
99Lipid emulsion 20% inj. (250mL)No
100Magnesium sulphate powder (400g)No
101Mephentermine sulphate 30mg/mL injection (10mL)No
102Methoxsalen 0.75% w/v topical solution (25mL)No
103Methyl hydroxybenzoate powder (500g)No
104Methyl salicylate solution (450mL)No
105Methylcellulose 0.3% eye drop (5mL)No
106Morphine 15mg extended release tabletNo
107Morphine 15mg/mL injection (1mL)No
108Moxifloxacin 400mg tabletNo
109Multielectrolyte injection (500mL)No
110Multivitamin IV injection (10mL)No
111Niclosamide 500mg tabletNo
112Nimodipine 30mg tabletNo
113Nitrous oxide inhalationNo
114Noradrenaline 1mg/mL injection (1mL)No
115Norethisterone 200mg/mL injection (1mL)No
116Olanzapine 10mg tabletNo
117Oxybutynin 2.5mg tabletNo
118Para-aminosalicylate sodium 60% w/w delayed release granules (4g)No
119Paracetamol 150mg/mL injection (2mL)No
120Pentoxifyllin 400mg tabletNo
121Phytomenadione (Vit. K) 10mg/mL injection (1mL)No
122Potassium iodide crystal (450g)no
123Potassium permanganate crystal (450g)no
124Pralidoxime 25mg/mL injection (20mL)no
125Protamine sulphate 10mg/mL injection (5mL)no
126Purified vero cell rabies vaccine injection 0.5mLno
127Quinine 300mg tabletno
128Rifampicin 150mg tabletno
129Rifampicin 300mg tabletno
130Salicylic acid powder (450g)no
131Semithicone 100mg/mL drop (30mL)no
132Sodium amidotriazoate+ meglumin amidotriazoate 10:60 solution (150mL)no
133Sodium bicarbonate 500mg tabletno
134Sodium chloride (hypertonic) eye drop (5mL)no
135Sodium chloride 0.9% solution (1L)no
136Sodium chloride 0.9%, (1L)no
137Sodium chloride 0.9%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container
with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle
138Sodium chloride 0.9%, Ecoflac plus polycthylene container
with special packaging of rubber seal on top of bottle (1L)
139Sodium chloride 3% (Hypertonic) solution (500mL)No
140Sodium cromoglycate 2% eye drop (5mL)No
141Sodium hypochloride 4% (500mL)No
142Sodium lauryl sulphate (500g)No
143Sodium nitroprusside 500mg powder for injectionNo
144Sodium tetradecyl sulphate 15mg/mL injection (2mL)No
145Sodium valproate 500mg/mL injection (5mL)No
146Suxamethonium 50mg/mL injection (2mL)No
147Tetatus diptheria vaccine (5mL) VNo
148Theophylline 25.3mg + Etofylline 84.7mg/mL injection (2mL)No
149Theophylline 69mg + Etophylline 231mg retard tabletNo
150Thiopental sodium 1g powder for injectionNo
151Tropicamide 0.8% + Phenylephrine 5% eye drop (5mL)No
152Vasopressin 20IU/mL injection (1mL)No
153Vitamin B complex 25mg/mL injection (10mL)No
154Vitamin B12 (mecobalamin) 1mg/mL injection (1mL)No
155Vitamin D3 60000IU megadose powderNo
156Water based gel (100mL)No
157Water for injection, 50mL (Plastic)No
158Water for injection, 50mL (Plastic)No
159Zinc oxide powder (450g)No