Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA), Thimphu

With the concern that the herbal medicines/ remedies are flourishing in the market with certain medicinal claims/ indications/ calming to alter body function, these products are often promoted as safe alternatives to prescription medicines as well. Although most herbal companies are reputable, there are numerous reports of adulterated products (addition of substances not noted on the label)

In some cases, labels are written in a foreign language or only contain directions for mixing, making interpretation difficult. In cases where a known ingestion produces unexpected clinical signs, the potential for adulteration or other errors should be considered. When a product is not standardized, a consumer cannot be sure what dose of active constituents has been used or how bioavailable the product may be.

Many people do not consider these substances as drugs or assume, “If natural, it is harmless.”

DRA would like to inform/ alert all the general public that the claim/ indication on the products are not scientifically proven and the quality of the products are not assured, moreover many are not manufactured consistently and can have severe side effects on the body.

Further the studies of the reaction of herbal products with modern allopathic medicines are unknown and can have effect in long run or may result in life threatening consequence.

DRA would like to urge general public to refrain from using herbal products and if such herbal products are enviably used we would like to request general public to report any usual reaction and symptoms.