1. National Drug Policy 2007
  2. Guideline for Regulating Health Supplements
  3. Guideline for Registration of Transfusion Transmissible Infections(TTI) test kits
  4. Interim Guidelines for regulating Face mask
  5. Guideline for Import, Sale, Distribution and Use of COVID-19 Self-Test Kits 2022
  6. Bhutan National Formulary 2019
  7. Bhutan National Formulary for Traditional Medicines 2019
  8. Guideline for registration of Biotechnology Products for Human useĀ 
  9. Blood and Blood Products Regulation of Bhutan 2016
  10. Guide for Import of Hand Sanitizers and Issuance of Import License
  11. Emergency Use Authorization procedure and conditions for Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccines
  12. Guideline on Pharmacoviglance for Traditional Medicines-Dzongkha version
  13. Medical Device Strategy
  14. Guideline for Advertisement of Medicinal Products
  15. Guideline on Pharmacoviglance for Traditional English-version
  16. Guideline on Pharmacoviglance for Veterinary centres
  17. National Standards for Blood Transfusion Services
  18. Guideline for disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste
  19. Guideline for Registration of Biotechnology Products for Veterinary Use
  20. Guideline for Registration of API
  21. Inspection Guideline
  22. Application, Registration fees and Renewal fees
  23. Conditions & Documents for ER Registration of Medicinal products
  24. Guidance document on Technical Authorization for Manufacture and Regulatory Certifications
  25. Guideline for Management and Handling of Defective Medical Products, 2019
  26. Sampling Guideline for Pharmaceutical Products and Related Materials, 2019
  27. Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices of Medical Gases
  28. Guidelines for Regulating Human Vaccines
  29. Addendum 2021: Guideline for Registration of Medicinal Products 2020
  30. Service Delivery Standards