Definition:The list contains quantified medicinal products which are required for minor ailments and do not require stringent medical supervision.

Purpose of creation of such list of medicines:

This is in line with the Health and Safety policy of the Labour and Employment Act of Bhutan 2007.

Approved List of Medicines for First Aid Kit as of 2012

Sl. No. Medicines Approved Indications
1. Albendazole 400mg Routine de-worming
2. Aceclofenac 100mg, 200mg Musculo-skeletal pain
3. Diclofenac gel Musculo-skeletal pain
4. Paracetamol 500mg Symptomatic treatment of pain
5. Chewable Antacid Hyperacidity/gastric pain
6. Ibuprofen 400mg Musculo-skeletal pain
7. Promethazine 10mg Allergy symptoms, motion sickness
8. Cetirizine 10mg Allergy symptoms
9. Chlorpheniramine 4mg Allergy symptoms
10. Pheniramine 25mg Allergy symptoms
11. Vitamin B complex Nutritional supplements/vitamin. B deficiency disorders
12. Vitamin C 250mg Vitamin C deficiency disorders
13. Multivitamins Nutritional supplements/vitamin deficiency disorders
14. Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) Dehydration
15. Metoclopramide 10mg Symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting
16. Povidone Iodine/Betadine Wound dressing
17. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Eye Drops Artificial tears for dryness of eyes
18. Methylcellulose Eye Drops Artificial tears for dryness of eyes
19. Silver Nitrate gel 0.2% Dressing of minor cuts and burns
20. Silver Sulphadiazine Cream Treatment of minor cuts and burns
21. Methyl Salicylate Ointment Topical application for musculo-skeletal pain
22. Calamine Lotion Topical application for symptomatic allergy
23. Chlorhexidine Antiseptic
24. Dettol Antiseptic
25. Strepsils Sore throat/cold symptoms
26. Lozenges Sore throat/cold symptoms
27. Pain Balms Topical application for pain management
28. Glycerin Skin protectant
29. Boroplus Antiseptic
30. Boroline Antiseptic

Conditions:Note:This list do not include dressing materials (cotton, bandages, gauze) which are not regulated as of now. Please see over leaf for conditions related to the First Aid medicines

  1. The above medicines do not include parenterals (injectables) dosage forms.
  2. The quantity of such medicines shall be restricted to maximum of one month dose for an individual. (i.e no. of workers/staff one month dose) at one time of stocking/purchase.
  3. There shall be an identified focal person for handling/dispensing above medicines at the site which can be contacted at any time by the Authority in case of withdrawal of medicines or adverse drug events or for provision of drug information.
  4. The focal person for these medicines shall adhere to the storage conditions of the medicines (i.e below 28 degree Celsius) if not specified on the manufacturer’s label.
  5. These medicines shall be registered and hence shall be procured from the registered Pharmacy retailers and wholesalers listed on DRA’s