Definition:The list contains quantified medicinal products which are required for minor ailments and do not require stringent medical supervision.

Purpose of creation of such list of medicines:

This is in line with the Health and Safety policy of the Labour and Employment Act of Bhutan 2007.

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Conditions:Note:This list do not include dressing materials (cotton, bandages, gauze) which are not regulated as of now. Please see over leaf for conditions related to the First Aid medicines

  1. The above medicines do not include parenterals (injectables) dosage forms.
  2. The quantity of such medicines shall be restricted to maximum of one month dose for an individual. (i.e no. of workers/staff one month dose) at one time of stocking/purchase.
  3. There shall be an identified focal person for handling/dispensing above medicines at the site which can be contacted at any time by the Authority in case of withdrawal of medicines or adverse drug events or for provision of drug information.
  4. The focal person for these medicines shall adhere to the storage conditions of the medicines (i.e below 28 degree Celsius) if not specified on the manufacturer’s label.
  5. These medicines shall be registered and hence shall be procured from the registered Pharmacy retailers and wholesalers listed on DRA’s website