The Drug Regulatory Authority has received complaints from reliable sources that the listing certificate issued by the Authority for MagneSSa health supplements has been misused for promotion of all other products of the same company. In view of this, and also upon receipt of written application for withdrawal of the three products that were earlier listed, the Authority cancelled the listing with effect from 27 February 2019. Therefore, as of today, no health supplements of MagneSSa are listed or registered with the Authority.

The Authority hereby notifies individuals or licensees or firms against misuse of the documents issued by the Authority for any promotional activities. Further, the public is also hereby cautioned not to take health supplements as a substitute for medicines and to refrain from consuming such products without advice from the experts.

The Authority shall take regulatory actions against any individuals or licensees if found engaging in promotion and sale of any such products claiming health benefits without approval from the Authority.

19/DRA/DC/Notification/2018-19/983: Regulatory Notification on Health Supplement