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The Annual Performance Agreement (APA) within Drug Regulatory Authority was signed on 22nd August 2017 in DRA conference hall between the Drug Controller and the following officials:
1. Ms. Ngawang Dema, Officiating Chief Regulatory Officer, Registration Division;
2. Mr. Kunzang Dorji, Officiating Chief Regulatory Officer, Inspection Division;
3. Mr. Pelden Chejor, Officiating Chief Regulatory Officer, Post Marketing Control Division; and
4. Ms. Karma, Officiating ADM Officer.

With the signing of the agreement, the Division Heads and the ADM committed to fulfil 100% of the APA target for 2017-18 while striving towards fulfilment of following Vision and Mission:
Vision: The most dynamic, reliable and client-centric model regulatory organization
Mission: Promoting availability of quality, safe, and efficacious medicinal products for consumers.